AUTHOR of "Big Lonesome" & "The Made-Up Man"
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No Tokens
March, 2016

"Horseman Cowboy"
North American Review
December, 2015

"Snake Canyon"
Third Coast
May, 2015

"We Try to Find the Spring in Spring Rock Park in Western Springs, IL"
Hayden's Ferry Review Online
March, 2015

"The Train to Pennsylvania", "Pennsylvania", "The Woods", "The Cave", "The Words"
Unsaid 7
August, 2014

"The Man Who Tells Jokes on the Corner For a Living"
November, 2014

"Small Boy"
New Ohio Review
September, 2014 (2nd place)

"One of the Days I Nearly Died"
Green Mountains Review Online
September, 2014

"The Veteran"
August, 2014

"Western Avenue"
Curbside Splendor
June, 2014

"It Meant There Would Be More"
February, 2014

"Fourteen Cowboys by the Fire"
Necessary Fiction
November, 2013
(Trans. into Polish, Spacerowicz Literacki)

"James Madison", "James Monroe", and "John Quincy Adams"
Heavy Feather Review
July, 2013

"Drunk in Texas, Two New Friends Talked Horses"
Pebble Lake Review
February, 2013

"Between This Their Hands Happened Everywhere"
Green Mountains Review
November, 2013

"The Listener Is Called by the Future"
October, 2012

"Brown Boy"
Puerto Del Sol
May, 2012

"Morning in New Mexico", "Mornings in New Mexico", "Texas in Texas", and "Afternoon in New Mexico"
Unsaid 6
May, 2012

"Guest Introduction"
<kill author 17
February, 2012

<kill author 16
December, 2011

"If the Orphan"
Artifice 4
November, 2011

"Driving in the Early Dark, Ted Falls Asleep"
The Collagist
October, 2011

"Life Story"
Kenyon Review Online
June, 2011

"Father's Day"
Post Road
August, 2011

"One Night Near Texas" and "Many Nights Near Texas"
Unsaid 5
November, 2010

"Cowboy Good Stuff's Four True Loves"
The Collagist
August, 2010

SmokeLong Quarterly
June, 2010

"Mutt-face Meets Himself"
Gulf Coast
April, 2010

"The Cyclops"
Prick of the Spindle
December, 2009

"Her Dream of Ending"
Willows Wept Review
July, 2009

"Our Family"
Fringe Magazine
March, 2009


Fiction (anthologies)

"Two Women at a Party on a Rooftop on the Moon" 
Gigantic Worlds: An Anthology of Science Flash Fiction
 Gigantic Books
October, 2015

"James Monroe"
The &NOW Awards: The Best Innovative Writing
February, 2015

"Thomas Jefferson"
The Anthology of Stories About Etiquette and Terrifying Angels with Many Heads
NAP Press
October, 2012

"James Garfield"
Their Peculiar Ambitions
Melville House
October, 2012

Forty Stories
Harper Perennial
June, 2012


"You Are a Young Writer"
Electric Literature
October, 2014

"Review of The Language of Fiction by Brian Shawver"
Green Mountains Review Online
January, 2014

"Review of The Map of the System of Human Knowledge by James Tadd Adcox"
Gulf Coast
April, 2013

"Review of Life is With People by Atticus Lish"
Green Mountains Review Online
January, 2013

"A Prose Is a Prose Is a Prose"
Green Mountains Review Online
January, 2013

"An Unchanging Climate"
Past Perfect Feature
North American Review
August, 2012

"An Interview With Vaughan Simons"
This Modern Writer
October, 2012

"Review of Avatar by Evan Lavender-Smith"
Little Grid
December, 2011

"Teaching Creative Writing: Syllabus as Story, Story as Scaffolding"
October, 2011

"On the Mirror"
book or else specter
November, 2010